Relax and unwind to the earthy, herbaceous fragrance of lavender. Promotes a relaxing and gentle environment. 15 ml

Rescue & Renew Pure Essential Oil Lavender

  • For topical use: 
    Dilute oil, using 1-2 drops for every 115 ml of liquid 

    Add to a diffuser to:

    • Promote a relaxing, gentle environment
    • Provide a calming scent that neutralises odours

    Apply 1-2 drops to:

    • Bottoms of feet to enhance feelings of relaxation
    • Massage oils for a relaxing scent
    • Shampoos and body washes to promote radiant looking hair and skin
    • Bath with Epson salts, creating a spa like relaxation experience
    • Pulse points for a relaxing scent 
    • Dryer sheet to freshen laundry
    • Water in a spray bottle to refresh linens, pillows and mattresses

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