Tummy time. Every day add a single serving stick pack of mild powder to any cold or room temperature liquid. Prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes help support digestive health


30 Stick Packs (4.65 g each)/30 Days

Digestion Plus

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  • Daily food supplement featuring prebiotics, probiotics (Bacillus coagulans), and enzymes support optimal digestive health. Delivered in a readily absorbed powder form and offered in convenient stick packs. Can be mixed with water, juice or blended into your Arbonne Protein Shake Powder


    Avoid adding to hot liquids as high temperatures can be detrimental to the probiotics in the formula.


    These products are called Daily Essentials because they are best when used every day, so you can experience the building benefits of proper nutrient, fibre, and protein intake as you continue on your personal wellness path.


    Daily Essentials products work best when used together to deliver complete nutrition options that can help fill the gaps in your daily diet and provide a health and wellness solution that fits seamlessly into any busy lifestyle.

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