Get rid of headache in 5 minutes without pills

Updated: Mar 4

When your headache starts to bother you, it can be really unbearable. If you don't have any pills with arm’s reach, you can try another method… Acupressure!

What is acupressure?

It is a form of alternative therapy in which manual pressure is use to stimulate specific points. Acupuncture is based on the concept of life energy which flows through "meridians" (invisible channels) in the body. By pressing specific points we can ease tension and unblock the free flow of energy in our body.

5 pressure points

There are 5 most important pressure points in the body. First you have define where do you feel the pain and stimulate the point responsible for this exact area.

Point 1

Temples - when you fell pain on the sides of your head press point at the points on the outer corner of the eye.

Point 2

Whole head- When you feel pain in the whole head, you should stimulate point on the back of your head, near your hairline.

Point 3

Sinus Headache - When this type of pain strikes you, acupressure is all about pressing down between your eyebrows.

Point 4

Pain on top of the head - Acupressure can ease this pain by applying pressure to the area around 1/3 of the sole of the foot.

Point 5

Migraine headaches - there is a point near the wrist that should be gently pressed or massaged. To mark this place, bend the wrist and put the three tightly joined middle fingers of the other hand to the flexion line.

How long to stymulate pressure points?

To relieve tension and headache, massage and gently press the point for about 30 seconds to a minute. The pressing can be repeated for couple of time, but can not take longer than 30 minutes in total. According to acupressure experts, the analgesic effect should appear about 10 minutes after stopping the massage.

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