Rescue & Renew

Deep Sleep Ritual helps you fall in sleep faster abd contributes to a continous sleep. This treatment is a combination of Relaxing  Massage, Acupressure and Indian head Massage. Special attancion will be paid to the head, neck and face. After the treatmen you will feel calmer in mind, deep relaxd. You may fall in sleep even during the treatment which is complity normal.

Therapist will use high quality products such a Arbonne Pure Essential Lavender Oil which reduces mental stress and anxiety, and helps fall in sleep. The produts promotes a relaxing ambience and overall sense of wellbeing, it's 100% organic, pure, safe and beneficial.   

This ritual is great for anyone who wants a peacefull night sleep, relase tension in the soft tissue and wants to feel deeply relaxd. The best book on evning right befopre going to the bad .


Rescue & Renew Pure Essential Oil Lavender